WiFi Hacking Protection How To Protect My WiFi নিজে বাঁচুন, অপরকে বাঁচান


In this video I just described and shown how to protect your WiFi. 100% working to secure your WiFi. Did you not know that many people steal and use your wifi?
No, You don't know that. Please, Protect your WiFi and change router password. Because every router default password same. So, watch full video and secure your WiFi.
Link: http://bit.ly/wifiprotect
This Is not a hacking video. Any information of this video can't promote hacking or not related and this video for educational purposes only. Please follow those step and protect your wifi network. Secure your information. Many people don't know about this. I just show when you forgot your WiFi password then you can easily find your WiFi password in this process. Actually WiFi password hack is not possible by normal android or pc.

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