This is Jamal Hossain, one of the students of Stamford University Bangladesh in Computer Science & Engineering. I took several professional training like CCNA(R&S), RHCSA, MTCNA & RHCE. I have obtained 2nd position of CCNA(R&S) training at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and have become certified. The next target of mine is to be enrolled in CCNA Security at BUET along with taking preparation to be certified of CCNA Cyber Operation. I want to be a 'Threat Intelligence Analyst' I have 7 years of experiences in Teaching (at a Coaching Center in Dhaka). Now I want to share my experiences of this long journey. That’s why I’m uploading different tutorials on different topics that I learned from.

From Bangladesh, ঢাকা, ঢাকা

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