NTRCA Admit Card Download – ntrcateletalkcombd/admitcard/

NTRCA Admit Card Download - ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/admitcard/. The last date for applying as assistant teacher in 1378 posts in Government Secondary School was 8 October 018. Those who have applied as Assistant Teachers in the Government Secondary School, but have not downloaded the entrance, they can visit the Bangladesh Public Service Commission website and download the passport with the user ID password. NTRCA Admit Card Download

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The Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued direct recruitment notice on September 9 for the first time after giving the second grade status to the assistant teacher post of government high school. The application began on 10 September 12 noon and till 6 pm on 6th October. It is reported that 365 people in Bangla, 106 in English, 205 in mathematics, 83 in social science, 10 in physics, 118 in biology, 8 in business education, 54 in geography, 92 in physics, 93 in physical education, 172 in religion And 72 assistant teachers will be appointed for agricultural education. NTRCA Admit Card Download

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NTRCA Admit Card Download - ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/admitcard/

NTRCA Admit Card Download - ntrca.teletalk.com.bd/admitcard/


Admit Card Download


NTRCA Teachers is Last Demand Inconvenience, 15 Th Teacher’s Registration MCQ 2018 Result, 15Th Teacher’s Registration Exam 2018 Result.http://www.ntrca.gov.bd, Non-government Teachers Job Apply System Published, NTRCA Institute Registration & Requisition, NTRCA Published 15 Thousand Teacher Vacancies, NTRCA Teachers is Last Demand Inconvenience, 15 Th Teacher’s Registration MCQ 2018 Result, 15 Th Teacher’s Registration Exam 2018 Result. 15Th Teacher’s Registration Exam Result. NTRCA Admit Card Download


1-14 th NTRCA Teacher Appointment Result


Process for appointment of teachers in about 40 thousand vacancies in private education institutions will be completed in January this year. Authorities have received about 31 lakh applications from the registrar. The private teacher registration and certification authority (NTRCA) has confirmed this information on multiple sources of daily education. For two years due to various reasons, the selection and recommendation of candidates for recruitment of teachers in the private educational institution. NTRCA Admit Card Download

NTRCA Admit Card Download. NTRC will recommend recruitment of candidates according to merit list by verifying the application. The list of recommendations will be uploaded to the website. Recommended candidates will download the recommendation using their own password. NTRCA Admit Card Download

Recently, the High Court issued a rule of 6 months diplomats and application for recruitment of registrar applicants and computers for 6 months. Asked whether the recommendation of the recruitment would be hampered by this rule, a senior official of the government told daily education that the decision of the appointment of the HC after following the directions given earlier has been resolved by the NTRCA. There are obvious reasons why they were not given an opportunity to apply. NTRCA Admit Card Download

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