Anybody interested Facebook and Craighlist posting Job??

Anybody here, interested to earn a little by easy facebook/instagram/twitter and Craighlist posting job???

Job Description : Facebook Posting/Other social media (instagram/twitter) posting and Craighlist posting... Right now need only Facebook posting only.

you have to create a lot of facebook ID and send join request to specific groups. and Once approve have to post specific content (Client will provide) at USA time zone, that means After 12am... and have to update/report of posting on which group you have posted. Remember you have to post more than 60/70 groups per night. It will take 2/3 hours Max. And gradually you have to increase posting amount 100+ so that payment will also be increased.

Note: its sound like easy, but remember its boring and complicated too. Now a days managing FB id is very hard. Often ID will get block/disable. So u have to prepare for getting block/disable and  create/backup enough fb id, so that posting wont stop.

If anybody interested or need more information about task and payment then plz contact, skype: ashiiiiq or Email Me

Level 1

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