3 Single Door Refrigerator You Can Choose

1. Delaware closed absorption small refrigerator dw-60

Quiet, the hotel loves classics

The so-called closed absorption refrigerator is based on the principle of using electric power to absorb and diffuse through a specific solution to reducing the temperature in the space. Since no compressor is used, there is naturally no annoying sound when operating. And there is no accidental situation such as exposure of refrigerant, which is a very safe type. In addition to the absorption structure, the interior scaffolding can also be adjusted to the height of the refrigerator, which is very suitable for simply storing drinks.

It is a pity that the cooling rate of this type of refrigerator is slow. If the refrigerator is often switched on, not only does the beverage not become cold but also consumes a lot of electricity. Pay special attention when using it.

Mobile scaffoldingHave
Automatic defrost functionHave
Top heat resistant structure
Operational noise
Opening directionLeft open
size605mm × 460mm × 480mm

2. SAMPO Soundbox Double Door Refrigerator SR-A14Q

Energy-saving and antibacterial fashion choice

This refrigerator has achieved a good grade 2 in the new energy efficiency rating and has received the EPA's energy-saving and energy-saving stamp, even if the capacity is large, do not worry about excessive electricity costs. In addition, a lot of effort has been made in the antibacterial and anti-mildew parts. The door knocker uses antibacterial and mildewproof materials, and the interior uses nano silver antibacterial technology to reduce the internal temperature of the refrigerator while using cold air to achieve sterilization. The effect is a very secure option for users who value the cleanliness of the freezer price in Bangladesh.

Considering the cost, the scaffolding uses a crystal material instead of a tempered glass. If it is used for a long time, it may have some scratches or damage. It may not look good and it is easy to hide bacteria. It is a fly in the ointment.

capacity140L (40L frozen, 100L refrigerated)
Mobile scaffoldingHave
Automatic defrost functionFrost-free design
Top heat resistant structureTop shelf
Operational noise
Opening directionLeft open
size1, 282mm × 471mm × 549mm

3. Frigidaire rich and double door small refrigerator FRT-0906M

American space configuration, unique side door drink holder

This small refrigerator, launched by a well-known American brand, not only has an excellent evaluation of the first level in terms of energy efficiency but also has very ingenious interior design. In addition to the independent freezer, the fresh fruit and vegetable room at the bottom of the refrigerator is absolute can not be less. The side door is provided with a shelf for placing drinks. Interestingly, in order to facilitate the placement and access of canned beverages or beer, the inside is designed with a stack of spaces, the beverage is replenished from the top, and the beverage can is taken from the bottom layer. Automatically replenishing, very ingenious.

The black appearance is not only calm but also very good in texture. The simple style can match the home style, which is very suitable for users who have both appearance and internal configuration.

capacity90L (freezing 27L, refrigerating 63L)
Mobile scaffoldingHave
Automatic defrost function
Top heat resistant structure
Operational noise
Opening directionLeft open
size850mm × 470mm × 505mm

Level 0

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