Smart TV Procurement Guide 2019

After long time observations, research, and practical experience, Me with my friend created this procurement guide for this new year 2019. Let's see the important and essential of the smart TV procurement guide 2019.

  1. Surface TV: At present, only a few panel makers have curved TVs, and TVs look more beautiful, but it’s really not worth spending more on fancy appearances.
  2. Connecting terminal: The more the number of HDMI terminals, the better. There are extra USB or SD cards that can add points to the TV. Unless there are old audio and video devices in the house, you don't have to consider the old terminals. For example, Wii does not. Support HDMI. HDMI specifications are HDMI 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0b, HDCP2.2. To run 4K and HDR (HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2), you must have the latest version, and usually new TVs will have these new technologies. Especially for players who plan to buy PS4 pro, in order to fully experience the 4K HDR screen, it is best to purchase HDMI 2.0a and HDCP2.2 that can support 4K HDR. In addition, you can also consider the choice of built-in game mode 32 inch television Bangladesh, usually the game mode can effectively reduce the screen input delay, especially for players who like to play racing, shooting, sports games.
  3. Eye-protection function: We all know that TV and mobile phone screens will produce blue light. Long-term viewing will cause molecular lesions in the eyes. In addition to using mobile phones and computers, we will go home and watch TV again every day. However, it is known that TVs with eye protection functions are recommended. Among them, the two functions of no flash screen and low blue light are most recommended, providing viewers with a more comfortable viewing experience, away from eye fatigue and premature aging.
  4. Smart Blue-ray: This is Ben Q's main function. Most TVs on the market only reduce all the blue light, while Smart Blue-ray filters out the short-wave blue light (420~454 nm) that is easy to hurt. Displacement to long-wave blue light (460~480 nm), which is lighter on the eyes, can reduce the damage of blue light and the vivid color of the picture without discoloration. In addition to the panasonic tv Bangladesh function and picture quality, it is also recommended to have both eye protection functions.
  5. Tv Brand: Generally speaking everyone usually considers the brand when they choose TV. As for what brand is better, it is a matter of opinion. In addition to the word-of-mouth, function, and after-sales service of TV, the purchase should try to be based on big brands, on TV. The difference is not too bad for the average user. I hope that after reading the article, you will have a deeper understanding of the purchase of TV.
  6. The quality of the TV: In addition to the basic size selection, the price is your only consideration, you can choose the low-priced models launched in the market with word of mouth, and if you care about the quality, there are several factors that will affect the quality of the image, for everyone. When purchasing, please refer to:
  7. OLED TV: is the best quality TV on the market, but its price is still quite expensive, just look at the pocket is not deep enough.
  8. LED TV: with local dimming function will be better than nothing
  • The picture quality can be displayed in dark black, indicating that the better the contrast, the greater the impact on the picture quality, such as Ben Q's black screen.
  • The main models on the market use LEDs, which are cheaper and have different technologies than OLEDs.
  • The quality of QD Quantum Dot TV is another option besides OLED. It has excellent color and high CP value.
  • The matte screen is less reflective and looks more comfortable.
  • Full array of LED back-lit TVs will outperform those with only edge LED back lighting
  • Other factors that have relatively small influences such as screen resolution, color gamut, video processing, and maximum brightness
  • Color contrast (higher is better) and black display ability will affect color saturation
  • Gamma tone and black display ability will affect the saturation of color
  • The TV effect with ISF training will be closer to the actual effect of cinema shooting.

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